I need a Toronto haircut.
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I'm in Toronto. I'm a dude. I need a haircut. I can't pay much. Suggestions?

A couple more details:

- I'm in North York, and I live on campus at York University. Something nearby would be nice (since I'd like to be able to walk there).

- I'm 21, if that matters. The cut is a really basic trim.

- I'm used to paying $11 - $14. Will I be able to get that here?

Thanks friends.
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House of Lords.

639 Yonge St (Yonge & Bloor)

$20 for a haircut, and they're sort of punk-ish and have younger, trendy folks working there.
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Go to any of the several million old Italian guys who have barbershops on Queen East. They all give the exact same haircut for $12. I like the (young, Greek not Italian) dude who has a hole in the wall at Queen and Woodbine. He's a little odd but the cuts are good. His dad was one of the old guys.

There's also a REALLY good barbershop on Victoria St and King St, right downtown. It's a couple of bucks more but it's the real deal. They're quiet mornings and afternoons then overwhelmed when the Bay St boys get out. I got my best Toronto haircut ever there. I live 2.5 hrs away now but still think about going back.
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I don't know North York but $11 to $14 is pretty low. You are most likely to find something near that price range at a chain (e.g. First Choice) or at a beauty school where students cut your hair.

On the other hand, I live near the East-End Chinatown and there are some places with haircuts as low as $6 (e.g. at Broadview Ave and Mountstephen St.). I suspect this may be a feature of neighbourhoods with a high percentage recent immigrants, so that may be the type of area to look.
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I'm also on-campus at York. Take TTC route 60 east on Steeles to the strip mall at Dufferin, and there's a First Choice there that's been good for me. It's a five-minute bus ride, or a thirty-five minute walk if you want to save $2 and get some fresh air.
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Peanut plaza on Don Mills Road. The asian barber. Me and my son got both our hair cut for $14.

Believe it..
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($14 for both)

(simple short back and sides mind you..)
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seconding House of Lords
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House of Lords is not anywhere near North York. They do a good job though if you can tolerate the deafening music.

First Choice / Supercuts are usually OK for basic haircuts and costs about $13. If you're willing to travel downtown, you can find haircuts in Chinatown (near Spadina / Dundas) for as little as $5, but don't expect anything special.
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Best answer: The nearest place to York that you're likely to find a haircut that cheap is at the First Choice haircutters which is in the huge retail plaza at Steeles & Dufferin. I don't consider that a walkable distance but it's really only about 2 miles, so a lot of people who aren't me wouldn't have a problem with it. On the TTC, it's right on the Steeles bus line.
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