What's the best way to book a rail ticket from London to Flensburg, Germany?
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What's the best way to book a rail ticket from London to Flensburg, Germany?

I usually take return flights out of London City to Hamburg for roughly £200 and connect using DB (€37 each way) and was wondering if the same journey using Eurostar, Thalys and ICE would be much more expensive.

The thought of those comfortable high-speed trains that would allow me to get some work done while travelling is somewhat appealing to me even though LCY is seriously the best airport I have ever flown out of (and yes, I have used LGB).

I tried booking a ticket online through the Deutsche Bahn website but they were unable to give me any price information. I think they Chunnel tripped them up.

Bonus points if a train ticket gets me Lufthansa Miles.

I have tried sites like thetrainline.com but they didn't seem to even know the city I wanted to travel to. what happened to world wide web?
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You can search on DB UK's web site. The trip seems to take about 12 hours. You can buy from them, but I think you will have to call. You could also try calling Trains Europe. I have heard lots of good things about them.
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Seat 61 is the source for all things train.

You can call DB UK and they'll just mail you the tickets. I ordered tickets from the normal bahn.de website in English even though I didn't get a final price estimate and received my tickets through the mail in California about a week or so later, after my card had been charged around what I expected to pay.

You can also just book two or more tickets (one for each individual journey) once you find out how the connections will work; calling DB UK seems easiest, though.
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Response by poster: hm. seems like there really isn't any easier way than I had thought.
anyone wanna hazard a guess if they're competitive in terms of pricing?
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