What are some pop culture references on seeing and being seen?
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Looking for pop culture examples of our obsession with seeing and being seen.

This can include films, tv/news shows, social experiments, digital platforms/projects, that deal with themes of:

* Witnessing
* Spectatorship
* Surveillance
* Voyeurism
* Performance as reality / reality as performance
* Content creation by an individual that places him as both the subject viewed and producer

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Hitchcock's Rear Window and the more recent knockoff, Disturbia.
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Body Double
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Seriously here...isn't Lindsay Lohan's and Paris Hilton's entire careers and solvency based on this phenomenon? Plus reality TV? Our entire culture is an example of it. Or do you want projects that were specifically undertaken as 'art'?
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David Blaine?
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I think any of the Improv Anywhere missions would be great. If you click on one of the "Mission Highlights" on the left hand of their webpage, you can get to some of the great videos of their capers. Just off the top of my head, the Best Buy, Home Depot and Grand Central Station missions had some great moments that would meet your criteria.
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The earliest precursor to the 'reality TV' phenomenon that I know of is Michael Apted's "Up" series of films where he followed a group of children every few years until adulthood.
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How to not be seen.
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U2's Zoo TV tour of the early '90s.

Seconding the brilliant "Up" series.
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Can anyone throw a party these days w/o someone snapping a hundred digital photos and posting them on the internets?
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The MC5 - Looking at You.
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The Truman Show

The Orwellian telescreen and their real-world analogs

The Baxter/Clarke novel The Light of Other Days
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Denys Arcand's "Stardom" - here's an article on it that also mentions other films of its ilk.
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Antonioni's Blow Up meets nearly all of your criteria.

Kieslowski's Camera Buff also comes to mind.

In a different way, Wilder's Sunset Boulevard and Altman's The Player cover this ground as well.
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Oops--bad link there for The Player.
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Tangential, but for completeness add "Seen and Not Seen", one of my favorites from Remain in Light.
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Some of the reality TV shows are even more about seeing and being seen. Shows where there is no direct financial goal at the end (last person standing gets $100) would create the scenario where someone is involved only to be seen. The Real World was (one of) the first, and now there are those "Real Housewives of (Major City)," "My Super-Sweet 16," etc. I hear the British version of Super Sweet 16 has a voice-over host who actually mocks the pretentious children. Those folks aren't on TV as historic documentation of our current day-and-age, but to be seen by everyone. The Surreal Life series might be of the bent you want.
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Every breath you take.
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Uhhhh the entirety of cinema?!?!
Okay, okay, direct references to scopophilia?

the song Private Eyes
the films Strange Days, The Conversation (aural surveillance mostly, but oh the cinematography!), Rashomon, Caché, Peeping Tom... many many more...
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I'm reticent to respond to a wide-net homework-style question (for instance, what exactly is "our obsession?" "Performance as reality?"), but here's a few:

Peeping Tom
The Conversation
The Parallax View
Sex, Lies and Videotape
American Movie

Tracy and the Plastics
Blue Man Group

Ambrosia: Not just the entirety of cinema, but of TV, (digital) art, and sociology too!
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Thomas de Zengotita's book Mediated isn't a pop culture example itself, but it does deal with performance as reality / reality as performance. I don't have the book on hand, but I'm pretty sure that it has a few examples that would be relevant to your question.
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All of Glam Rock was about the construction of performative identity; for a specific example look to Roxy Music's Street Life.

There's also a good deal of Barbara Kruger work on the subject.

Care to narrow your terms?
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Candid Camera
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