Searching for wall mounted bookshelves.
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Searching for the perfect, wall mounted bookshelves: As I live in San Francisco, I'd like some books shelves that are adjustable and readily anchored to the wall. The Treku Bookcase from DWR is perfect, but (as with much from DWR) a bit too expensive. Any other suggestions?

There's a knockoff at CB2 called The Helix, but the shelves aren't adjustable and it isn't available in a color that works for me.
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I love these:
Less than half the price of the DWR one and twice as cool
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Oh sorry...that's wallmounted storage..I completely ignored the 'bookcase' aspect. Sorry, man.
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Response by poster: Actually, spicynuts, I think those are a great suggestion. They can certainly hold books and look great! So let's all interpret "bookshelves" to mean something wall mounted that might store books.
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Best answer: I installed a whole wall of Elfa shelving and it turned out great. The pictures in the catalog don't do it justice, frankly, but the stuff is robust and carries my entire book collection without complaint. Because it hangs off the wall, the floor underneath stays nice & clear. The uprights are behind the shelves and completely disappear behind my books - the end result is the illusion of thin shelves holding up lots and lots of books, floating up there on the wall.
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Have you checked out West Elm. Nothing that looks precisely like what you want, but a lot of neat (cheaper) options.
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I got these from Room and Board.
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Have you considered hiring someone to build you wall-mounted bookshelves? Then you'd get precisely what you want. (I can't tell how much is too expensive; we got considerably more linear feet installed in our upstairs hallway for about what the DWR one cost.)
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Here's one that will start some conversation:
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Response by poster: I purchased and installed a set of elfa shelves from the container store over the weekend. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Installation was fairly simple and they look gorgeous. The tirck, I think, is to make sure that books obscure the metal rails.

And so, I'm marking gyusan's answer as the best one.
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