Using Frequent Flier Miles
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I have about 100K FF miles on USAir and I'm wondering if I should try to use them now or sit tight. Anybody else in the same boat? If so, what are you doing?
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if you get into the millions, they start offering you hummers and jaguars in exchange for your miles.


so yeah, if you're gonna continue to travel for a while and don't plan on using them, then just friggin save them.
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I say smoke 'em if you got 'em. No one knows for sure if US Air will come out of bankrupcy intact. And the fact that this is their second time leads many analysts to conclude that they will liquidate.
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thirded. (i'd use them on a partner airline too, if possible.)
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I do believe I was offered the choice to spend mine on magazine subscriptions at one point, and I accepted happily. I love magazines.
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NYT business article on this
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