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PaperFilter - Anyone know where I can buy large sheets of lined paper?

Am doing blank journal-binding and have had many requests for lined paper. However, I can't seem to find large sheets (we're talking 25"x38") that I can then chop up into custom sizes. I've considered using graph paper, and I'm sure the reason I can't find it is because of the cleanliness issue of where the lines start and stop on each page/lining up the cut of the paper with the printed line. I'd rather not print my own - just not set up for that. Is this a doomed hunt? Should I just look for already sewn/glued together book blocks that I'd just slap a cover on?
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I'm going to assume you've tried the usual suspects like Paper Source and office supply places. Maybe teacher oriented stores?
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I don't know if this would work for your application, but have you considered paper rolls instead of sheets?
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Best answer: Well, if you decide to go the text block route, Hollanders sells lined text blocks, as well as a range of others (like graph paper, diary pages, and so on).
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art stores, did you try them? stores like dick blinks (online have paper to order and might just have what you need.
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