MacCanvas? Material recommendation for use on a white macbook?
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What materials would you recommend for customizing a white macbook?

I've been living with a stock macbook design, i.e. none, and I want to shake things up with some illustration or design on the white case top. What materials (inks, paints, ???) has anyone had success with applying to the case?
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check this out: this artist engraves images onto the covers:

yes those are laptops, wow
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What about these?
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If you can get your hands on vinyl stickers/ a vinyl cutter ala Notcot, the possibilities seem sensational.
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Here is a How to Video on spray painting a laptop case. It has a ton of prep that you may or may not need, but is really informative.

If perhaps you don't want to apply paint or ink to your laptop:

MacStyles makes a variety of skins to customize your Macbook. Possibly get a default skin with no design, and paint that, so you are not directly painting on your case.

Skinizi has similar skins with more artistic designs.
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Dude this is cool.
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