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Where do Patriots fans go to watch the games on Sundays in DC?

Don't say Virginia!
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According to this going out gurus post, Cleveland Park Bar and Grill.

The upstairs at Stetsons gets some people sometimes. People show up assuming it's a Pats bar b/c it's a Red Sox bar. It's definitely not, but they'll usually put the game on one of the flatscreens upstairs.
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Washington's version of the Bar Louie franchise is next to the MCI Center. There are lots of displaced fans of many teams in there on any given Sunday. Even some Pats fans.
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Hamilton's, which is tucked away in an alley next to the Dept. of Labor on 2nd St. NW, always has the Pats on the projection screen with sound. Cheap drinks & awesome people -- plus Johnny's made-from-scratch Bloody Mary will beat the hangover right out of you.
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Kelly's Irish Times near Union Station bills itself as a Pats bar. Rhino Bar is where all my Pats fan friends used to go, and in fact it made this list geared to Pats fan in DC.
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Seconding Inspector.Gadget. The DC Area Patriots fanclub goes to Kelly's Irish Times every Sunday. I've been a couple times and there's a pretty big, rowdy group there every time. The drink specials are pretty good, too! You can email the founder, Heather Barclay, at to get on the list and find out more.

Go Pats!
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