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Where can I go to watch the VP debate tomorrow night in the Cambridge, MA area?

In an attempt at expanding my sphere of social interation, I want to actually drag my extremely socially isolated ass out of the house on Thursday night to watch the debate. I'm hoping for a somewhat lowkey, fairly liberal stronghold where a cool, dare I say hip non-hipster thirtysomething geek can sit, watch the debate, do some writing in off-cycles, sip some G&Ts* and possibly strike up some interesting conversation with like-minded individuals. I considered the People's Republik, but I expect it to be mobbed. I'm open to anything near Cambridge (preferably closer to home in Waltham), but not Downtown Boston (PITA). Any suggestions?

*Current favorite beverage. Desired, not required.
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Best answer: People's Republik on Mass. Ave. (in Cambridge) will likely be filled with the right sorts. Don't recall if they have TVs there or not, however.
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Best answer: People's Republik definitely has TVs. This was my initial thought too.

I think you have a 50/50 shot of it not being crowded with young whipper-snappers. During the week it's pretty quiet and frequented by old anarchists, young professionals and people who actually bring their kids to a bar. If you want to show up early, the food's pretty edible.

A couple blocks from the Central stop, just past the YMCA.
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Best answer: I actually watched the presidential debate at the People's Republik last week (and it wasn't crowded at all--we waltzed in 20 minutes into the debate, and were able to grab a dartboard and a whole corner of the place to ourselves), so I can vouch for them having TVs, and for the fact that the audio will be trained to the debate. It gets a little loud in there on Friday nights, but I would imagine Thursday will be a quieter crowd.
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Response by poster: I withdraw my reservations. People's Republik it is! I'll make sure to bring "Keep Off Lawn" signs for the whippersnappers. Thanks!
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Best answer: I've got the same coordinates, geo preferences, and interest in the debate as you do. If you're going to Harvard Sq., Drinking Liberally has a meetup at the Hong Kong to watch the debate (at least the TV access is guaranteed) although I have a feeling that will be packed as well.

If you go to the Events section of Obama's site there are a number of debate watching parties at public places listed around the greater Boston area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, smallstatic. So tempting - watch the debate at the PR, or Hong Kong and get a fat Scorpion Bowl. Decisions! (A friend just recently told me about Drinking Liberally (in NC). I've been meaning to check out whether or not there's a local group, so, double thanks for the info)
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