Hard Rock Hallelujah Fail.
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Where did I get this picture of a priest rocking out on a Fender Stratocaster from originally?

I'm a moron and when I changed web hosts a while ago, failed to take some image files with me. They are backed up nowhere. Anyhow, one of the images was this priest rocking out on a black and white Fender Stratocaster, in what looks like a church. I LOL captioned it. You can see the thumbnail on google image search by looking up

hard rock hallelujah

Is there any way for me to get the full size image out of google's cache? And if that's not an option, can anyone help me find a copy of the original (before I captioned it). Checked lots of google images and macrochan.org, but not coming up with anything. Thanks for helping out a dumbass (me).
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That's a Telecaster, btw, but that knowledge doesn't seem to help source the photo on Google images.
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Best answer: Ha, that's Christopher Hintz. He is a nice guy. The photo is on his myspace. Here's a direct link to the image.
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Response by poster: Amazing ludwig_van. Thank you.
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It's actually a Telecaster, not a Strat.
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