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Mefi political memorabilia junkies: Tell me what this political collectible is worth/ how I can find out/ how/where I can sell it! Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Special Train breakfast menu from 1948, autographed by Harry Truman

I have a breakfast menu from the Rio Grande special Presidential train Harry Truman took on his 1948 whistlestop tour. It's in pretty much perfect condition, and signed by the man himself... My Dad gave it to me a few years back, along with a box of assorted political photos and memorabilia he had in his office before he retired, and I hadn't thought about it much until recently. I showed it to a coworker who has some interest in that sort of thing, and he was of the impression that it might be worth quite a bit...

The inset text reads:

Rio Grande

Special Train


Denver, Colorado


Ogden, Utah

September 20-21, 1948


Royal Gorge Route


I'll try to get some pics posted shortly...
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You can sell it on eBay.

Unless you can attach some historical prominence to the menu though it may not bring that much.

Presidents sign a lot of things, only the documents and artifacts that carry historical significance bring in the big dollars.

Also, keep in mind that your item has appeal to train buffs too...
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Maybe this link could help? Notice, however, that very few people are bidding on any of these items.
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To get a good estimate of possible value, you'd want to contact a seller of political memorabilia and have them make an assessment. That said, here's your obligatory suggestion to donate the piece to the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum (likewise, contact them and see if they have some budget and interest for acquiring Truman material).
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I am not an antiques dealer... but I have watched antiques roadshow...

The fact that it's railroad connected material may be as or more important than the presidential autograph.
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