Blue Shoe (inserts)... don't know the name.
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I used to own blue shoe inserts for over pronation... except they weren't labeled. Any clue to what they might be called or where to buy them? Any alternate suggestions from fellow flat footers rollin' inwards?

The doctor gave them to me originally, but mentioned they were available from specialty stores (probably around 6 years ago). My google-fu found them ~ 3 years ago, but the -fu is coming up short now, and I of course did not bookmark the site that had them... who does that! I also threw out the old ones since they were sweaty, stinky and gross (but oh so comfortable...).

Quick description
Blue (not navy blue) cloth top
Red foamy type bottom, tilted in the correct direction for overpronators.

They weren't custom, and were priced around $50-$60/pair from what I remember. And they weren't Dr. Scholl's ____, although I have never tried Dr. Scholl's.

I do own a pair of custom inserts molded to my foot, but they're a "slick" top vs. a cloth top, so my feet slide around. The aforementioned inserts were a bit more cushy, and wore out much more quickly, as to be expected.
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Check out the insoles from REI - they made a big difference for my daughter's overpronation (no twisted ankles since she started using them.)
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Superfeet are amazing. I use the green ones. They last forever, through many pairs of shoes. I use them mostly in sport shoes, cycling and snowboarding in particular.
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2nding Superfeet--my podiatrist recommends them. I couldn't wear my orthotics, they were slick just like yours!
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Maybe Flat Foot Inserts? I suffer from severe over-pronation, and these inserts changed my life. They definitely have the blue cloth top, but mine have a black bottom with an orange layer in between. They have definitely changed the colors of the bottoms over the years, but I can't remember if they ever had red. These aren't $50-$60 though, more like $30.
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I love Superfeet too, but if djpyk is looking for something soft and squishy they wouldn't foot the bill. Superfeet are remarkably hard. So much so I was quite skeptical about their comfort. Of course, after having tried some, I even have them in my winter bedroom slippers.
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I got Powersteps on the recommendation of my doc, and they're doing me right. Have a blue, foamy top, too.
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Thanks for all the input! I kept looking using some of the answers provided here as google-input, and I think I finally found them:

Lynco Sports Orthotic - Posted Heel and
Aetrex Lynco Insoles

The whole "posted heel" thing really threw me off, and the numerous other varieties of the insole available fits with what I remember.

Anyways, they're still ~$60, which I am reluctant to spend, so the other suggestions are really helpful. Thanks again!
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Check if you have Morton's foot - follow the instructions here, and if so you can make your own small pads out of chiropody foam
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