Seeking quiet keyboard suggestions
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Anyone know of another quiet keyboard, like this Macally iceKey, that doesn't suck? [MI]

So, this thread is slightly different from all the previous keyboard threads. Here's the deal:

A couple months ago I bought a Matias Tactile Pro keyboard. I totally loved it -- but then my girlfriend and I moved into a smaller place, and the keyboard is just too noisy to use at home. I am a big fan of clicky keys, but even I think that the noise isn't really acceptable in a home environment.

So, away it went, and I went back to the Macally iceKey, which is a 'slim' low key-travel keyboard that is quite quiet -- like typing on a laptop keyboard. After only about two months, it's already going on the fritz. Keys are failing, and I don't like typing on it for long periods. I wish there were a better alternative for a quiet keyboard. Anyone have any suggestions? It doesn't have to be low-travel -- just reasonably quiet, well-built, not crazy expensive, and not "mushy." Wireless would be even better. Anyone used the Apple wireless keyboard? For what it's worth, I really, really love the keyboard on my aluminum 12" PowerBook.
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I'd find one at a local place to try and see if I liked the feel before I bought one, but the Logitech diNovo set might be what you're looking for (wireless, quiet, low-travel scissor keys, fairly sturdy).
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Um, no aspersions on the diNovo keyboard proper, senator, but I chuckled at the copy (my bold):

You'll enjoy the full-size typing layout, full travel keys, and array of extra buttons to simplify your work. Just plug it in and watch it completely transform your desktop.

I'd love to hear about the Apple wireless, too.
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Is this what you mean by mushy?
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i've tried the true-touch roll-up keyboard and it's a joke... impossible to type on.

at home i use an eluminx. it still kinda clicks, but in a laptop kinda subtle way. the keys are really low, and it glows in the dark.
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Wow, $250 for the diNovo keyboard + mouse? Ouch. I'd expect telepathic input for that price.

This probably doesn't get Josh closer to an answer, but I'm using an old Datadesk 101E keyboard (these are still available, I think), via an ADB-USB adapter. It has an excellent key action, but is pretty loud and clackey.
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I was a fan of Apple keyboards even before I started using Macs regularly. They're quiet, solid, and have a great footprint without sacrificing keys. I haven't used their bluetooth models, but I don't mind a few wires on my desk.
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I've used the grandtec virtually indestructible keyboard for a couple years and I love it. It takes a few months to get used to it but its quiet, portable, and well, virtually indestructible.
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or here...
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