Where can I get this Norweigan sweater?
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I am in love with a Norwegian sweater...[mi]

The object of my affection.
But as you can see there is a problem. It is quite expensive. Any ideas where I can get one like it, with the cuffs and all?
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Well, if you knit, you can buy both Dale pattern books and Dale yarn.. Failing that, try googling for something generic like "traditional norwegian sweater store". There are plenty of companies who make cheap(er) knockoffs of Dales.
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some chick- well, I don't knit, and I will continue to look around, but I have to admit that the real reason I love this sweater is the neckline and cuffs. I am not sure my friends who can knit could do that. Thank you for the Google advice, though, as my Google-fu is really bad.
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There are a bunch of norwegian sweaters, and dale sweaters, on ebay right now - much cheaper. I haven't looked to see if any of them have that cuff and neck doodad thingy, though.
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Here it is for $60 cheaper.
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$50. Sorry.
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Buying decent yarn to knit a Dale sweater isn't going to cost a whole lot less than buying the actual sweater. I could knit it, no problem, though it'd take me a couple hundred hours and a couple hundred dollars in supplies.
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jacquilynne- The sweater for the most part isn't the thing so much as the embroidery detail, and that seems to be the pricey part. The full, lunky cuffs kill me- I love them. Here is another version I found for about the same amount of money. Looks like I might as well just save up for a year or so and spend the cash on a good one. Maybe I will buy one for myself when I finish school. With my luck I will get a jjob somewhere hot.
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Isn't it good, Norwegian wool.

/excited to see no one else had said it yet.
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Handknitted stuff is pricey due to the man hours needed (as jacquilynne points out), so I think you'll have to save up for it, or find a good friend who is really good at knitting.
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It's on sale here for a bit less. So does your place need a good cleaning-out? Maybe you can have a garage sale to raise the money.
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emelenjr, that's stuck in my head now. great!

But actually, Norwegian Wool has used and new Dales, some even hand-knitted. They're interesting to make, if you're willing to learn to knit.
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Those sweaters are way gorgeous, and probably really warm. LLBean has some cotton norwegish sweaters that are nice. Not nearly as nice, but also not too warm to wear at work. Also, wool ones.
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