Job enquiry : how to address email?
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When emailing a recruitment consultant for more details about a job posting how should the email be addressed?

So, I've seen a job on a recruitment site for which I want more details - more precise location etc. I've got the recruitment agent's full name (lets say "Joe Bloggs"), what is the address protocol when addressing the email:

Dear Joe,
Dear Mr Bloggs,
... etc?

I'm pretty sure all job apps in the past have been by phone or post - so I'm stumped on the latest email protocol! What would be the right thing - I don't want to look foolish at the very first hurdle, I like to save that for interviews :)
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I would address the e-mail as you would a real letter, using either Mr. Joe Bloggs or Mr. Bloggs. For job related business, even when it's by e-mail, I err on the side of formality rather than risk sounding to casual.
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Given that you have the full name, it's always best to err on the side of formality. I've always addressed work related emails to Mr. Soandso. (Or Ms. Soandso. Always Ms.)
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I don't want to put down the *entire* headhunter population, but I'm pretty sure that you could address it "Hey, Shithead" and they'd respond. They're trolling for bodies to fill positions, that's all.

They'll pretend to be your friend, but 98% are just playing you to get you to play ball.

Don't over think this.
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Thanks all. While I think that unixrat has a point - I think, to some extent, that the whole process is a bit of a game. I'm quite happy to play along, I'm just unsure of the "rules".

Thanks for all replies though - I'm off to email Mr Bloggs.
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