Who Ruined Star Wars?
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This is about as long a shot as possible, but here goes. On the opening day of Return of the Jedi (or shortly thereafter), a morning talk show was asking kids for their reaction to the film, and one of the little twerps blurted out the ending. Anyone else remember this?

Note: just like that kid, this post is going to ruin the end of Return of the Jedi.

As this was 1983, the show must have been on one of the major networks. presumably it was Good Morning America or one of it's ilk.

The interviewer asked one of the children about how bad Darth Vader was, and the kids said something like, "Well, but he turned out to be good because he saved Luke in the end." And after an awkward pause the interviewer chuckled and said, "oh, uhh hahaha, I don't think you were supposed to say that."

Anyone? I am writing an article about spoilers and would love to identify what show this was and the date it aired. 47,000 bonus points if you can scare up a clip or finger the kid who did this.
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It's not GMA. I MeFiMailed you why.
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