Exclavefilter: How do I build a cabin in Point Roberts without breaking any laws?
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Exclavefilter: What is involved in building a small cabin on a wooded lot in Point Roberts? What grief might I expect from the border?

I'm doing some planning to buy one of many small wooded lots in Point Roberts Washington. I live in Vancouver, and am a Canadian citizen.

I am aware of the grief obtaining Power, Water, and Septic in these lots, and in the short term would avoid these things. Just a 350 Square foot cabin with RV-style cooking, water, and septic systems, totally self contained.

What is the best way to obtain building materials? (wood, roofing, hardware etc). Will I be taxed on this if I bring it in from Canada? Can I legally bring wood into Canada? If not, how do I get it over from the mainland?

What about materials like stove, windows, furniture etc as I acquire it? And tools/generator etc?

Zoning in Point roberts - I know I have to apply for anything larger than 200sq feet. If I promise to handle my septic via pumping service, what other hoops would I need to jump through to get a permit?

What other big pain in the butt issues will I have to think about?
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You cannot legally bring goods that would be taxed if purchased in Washington from outside states/countries that involve residence building, major appliances, etc. That being said, I doubt you'd be able to get across the border with a truck full of building materials.
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