Getting a picture from a cell phone that can't MMS message to an email address.
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I'd like to get an image off my cell phone. The problem is that there's no away to connect the phone to a pc and no way to send an MMS message to an email address, only a phone number. Am I totally screwed?

The phone is a pantech pg3200, which is fine for basic use, I didn't think I'd ever need to get a picture off the thing so I was never too concerned with it.

But after messing around with it I've pretty much found there's no way to get pictures off the phone. No usb port, no bluetooth, nothing. And I can't send MMS messages to an email address, only a phone number. The service is the AT&T "pay as you go".

I realize a way around this would be to send the picture to someone then have them email it to me from their phone. The problem with this is that the person in the picture wouldn't appreciate me sharing the image with anyone. So unless I have hands on access to another phone capable of helping me out (I don't) that's a no-go.

Additionally, I have access to mobile email on the phone with a yahoo account but apparently can't send attachments from it. Same with AIM.
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Can you download the picture via the AT&T website? With T-Mobile, they have a "backup" feature that allows you to download all of your cell phone content into a photo album on the T-Mobile website. Maybe AT&T has something similar? Maybe? Hopefully?
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There's no slot for extra memory (microSD, etc?)

The article you linked to doesn't mention one, so I guess it probably doesn't have one. But just in case I thought I'd mention that's how I get pics from my phone to computer.
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Response by poster: No extra slot no, unfortunately. I'll check the website and see if I can find anything there.
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Response by poster: I should also note that I just noticed the box says it's a pantech c3, although I see no differences in the two models.
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I've a $20 samsung a437 at&t pay as you go phone, and a $3 USB cable from ebay, and downloaded software from Samsung which lets me transfer images. I suppose you could get all that, then swap the sim card (sending an mms to yourself maybe).
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Opera Mini 4, which allows file manipulation from inside the app, seems to be supported by your phone (Pantech c3). You could download it and try to upload the picture somewhere.
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Send the picture to another phone that does have Bluetooth.
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First time posting. I joined just so I could answer this one. It is actually a pretty easy problem to solve.

Get someone you know who can recievie pic messages. Keep their phone in your hand so they are not able to see the picture that the person doesn't want anyone else to see. Send the pic to that phone, forward it to your computer then delete the image, message and sent message from the friend's phone.
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Response by poster: Yeah, the thing about that Jules22871 is that I don't know when I'm gonna be able to do that so it works ok for this situation but I'd like something I can apply immediately without anyone else getting involved. I guess I really just need to just say fuck it and get a new phone. This one is fine enough but this is a major pain in the ass.
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Install an IM client on your phone and send it to yourself. Here's one for MSN that works on your phone. Your phone supports Java so it should be able to run a lot of mobile apps.

Perhaps call and ask your provider? At the very least ask them why you cant SMS/MMS to email addresses. Maybe they can turn it on from their end.
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This also probably doesn't apply, but if you really just need some form of the pic (like, say, for 'evidence' or just to trigger a happy memory) and don't care too much about quality, you can just take a picture of your phone's screen with a regular camera.

Quality-wise, it will be kind of like recording to a cassette by holding it up to your radio, but then again, I used to do that as a kid to "DJ" my own shows, so ....
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looks like you can use an etribes account to do this:

you can mms your picture to your account and have it password protected (disclaimer: haven't tried it. seems to be what u need).
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I was gonna say the same as no1hatchling. That's the low-tech road I'd take.
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nthing if it's just one photo, display the photo on your phone and take a picture of the display with a high-quality camera.

Does the person in the picture have a mobile with MMS capability? Just MMS their phone with it and then they can figure out what to do with it (download, email, etc.,)
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Go to a wireless store and have the salesman handle the MMS-and-forwarding for you. Your friend wouldn't object (even if he knew) to your showing the photo to a complete stranger.
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Or the Geek Squad at [Circuit City?] if you feel squeamish about accepting free services.
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Sync software and data cables are available for your phone.
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Response by poster: healthytext, it's looking like what i would consider the most direct best answer so far with the cable you linked to. Though I am iffy about the fact that the countries listed under your sync software link don't include the US.
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Best answer: Sorry for the late response, I just kinda sat on this issue for a while. I ended up getting a Samsung instinct so the point is kinda moot now.
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