Help Me Get Ride of Firefox?
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I want to completely, entirely remove Firefox from my Macbook. Help me do that?

I want to sanitize Firefox off of this machine as if I'd never heard of it. When I bought my Macbook in the spring, I did a Firewire connection with my iMac and it imported Firefox from my desktop, a setup that isn't optimal and has not acted in the way I want it to on the laptop. I want to nuke every single vestige of the browser, in its entirety, so that I can download a fresh "out of the box" installation and rebuild from the ground up.

I've tried this once before, removing everything that I could find that seemed to be even remotely Firefox related and when I reinstalled the browser afterward, it "remembered" and recognized things (like autocomplete, things that had been adblocked/nuked with NukeEverything, that sort of thing) that shouldn't have lingered, but apparently I missed some things. I want to avoid that this time by finding every single folder where Firefox-y things dwell and deleting every little tiny thing completely. The obvious folders are, well, obvious, but can anyone tell me everywhere I need to look to make sure that nothing Firefox remains when my deletion is done?

FTR, this is Firefox and I'm running Leopard with all the available OS updates.
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Try AppZapper. I think you can nuke 5 applications before you have to pay for it.
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It would help a little if you told us more specifically what things you had deleted, if you can remember. For instance, did you get rid of Library/Application Support/Firefox? I'm assuming you did, because it is fairly obvious.
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Login as root; open a terminal.

For each user, you'll need to delete their local firefox data:
cd /Users/[username]/Library/Application\ Support
rm -rf Firefox
Then delete Firefox itself:
cd /Applications
rm -rf
WARNING: I know next to nothing about Macs. I'm a Windows guy. I just occasionally mess with the dude-who-sits-next-to-me's Macbook. He loves it.
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or, if you want to go through by hand, some places you should look are:

~/library/application support
library/application support

It sounds like you have some errant preference files (.plist) somewhere.
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App Delete does the same thing as App Zapper, but is totally free.
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On my Mac, the Firefox related folders are:

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox

Plus the following files:

Deleting each of those should cover everything.
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The Mac tech friend who helps me with my Mac recommended the free AppCleaner - you can download it from It has done a great job when I've used it, and it's ultra easy to use.
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