Nice place for anniversary dinner in Miami?
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Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Miami for my anniversary that wouldn't make me look silly if I wore a jacket?

My wife and I are going to my college homecoming in Miami at the end of October, which is also our anniversary and would like to go to a nice dinner. I never did much real dining while going to undergrad so this is a new experience and I am short on restaurants...South Beach would be ideal, but would also consider the Gables or Grove.

I don't necessarily want to go to a place that requires a jacket, but at least one that I wouldn't look like a goofball wearing one. Not sure if any hip or fun places require jackets or if that is an oxymoron.

Hoping to spend no more than $200 for the two of us.
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You could try:

Capital Grille on Brickell.

Joe Allen (I'm a huge fan of their chocolate Martinis)


Honestly, though, the only restaurants I ever encountered jackets during my eight years in South Florida were in Palm Beach. (where I uh, did not eat often on my budget.)
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Encountered Jackets as in "required" or as in you have never seen anyone even wearing them voluntarily?
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I loved Barton G. Plenty of people wearing jackets and other nice outfits. I am mobile now though and I can't look it up.
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I think you could go anywhere and not look like a "goofball" wearing a jacket. There's nothing wrong with being the best-dressed at a restaurant. If you're going to worry about jacket/ no jacket, you would do better to worry about ever being under-dressed. But over-dressed? I don't see that ever falling into the "goofball" category.
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I moved in 2002 so some things may or may not still be in existence....

For a place I actively like, Prima Pasta. You can go without a jacket but you wouldn't look abnormal there. Reasonably priced.

The Forge. Less reasonably priced. Food's good tho.

There's always Joe's Stone Crabs.

In the Grove you could go to the Charthouse, where a jacket is very reasonable but you could be seated near people dressed... not as well. When I was there for Thanksgiving a few years ago I was in slacks but Ice-T was in white jean-shorts, a basketball jersey, and a baseball cap. So, ya know - there's some variety there.

I'm with Gerard on the jacket. You're not going to look like a tool unless you're wearing it at Hooters.
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South Florida in general is very relaxed. Only the older folks up in PBC get too dressed up.
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