Post-Nuclear comic book?
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What is this post-nuclear holocaust comic book I had as a kid?

In the early 80's I went to Canada and bought a couple comic books that were in digest form. Both were collections.

The one I'm trying to remember seemed to be an anthology of nuclear war and post-nuclear war stories. The stories were not connected in any way other than it was after the nukes went off, and I recall the art being drastically different in the stories as well.

The story I remember best was a boy and his dog who survived the blast but his parents did not. He wasn't sure what to do or where to go. It ended talking about how his skin was turning green, his dog's hair was falling out, and he felt sick...

Anyone able to find this book for me?

To help with the timing, the other comic I bought with it was a collection of "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen" where Jimmy had a dream that he was king of an alien world, then he woke up and told Superman about it, and Supes wondered if that world was a dream of if the "real world" with Superman was a dream.

Thanks for any help!
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There have been comic book adaptations of the post-apocalyptic Harlan Ellison story "A Boy and His Dog": could that be one of the stories in the anthology?
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any idea on what the cover might have looked like?

it was probably one of these two series. I have vague memories of that story as well.
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It's not "A Boy and His Dog". I should have mentioned that. This one was perhaps 8 pages long in the anthology, maybe 12, told in two parts in different sections of the anthology, and was written as a poem all in rhyming couplets.

And jeribus, I looked at those pages and that may be where the Jimmy Olson stuff came from, but I was using that only to mark the date of when I read the nuclear stories, in case someone remembered that and can associate the two as I did.

But it may make sense that the nuclear stuff was DC as they were the same digest format print...
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