What to see, do, and eat in Liverpool?
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I'm looking for advice on what to see and do in Liverpool during a two day visit. Food, best sites, where is the best area to stay, hotels, etc...
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Sefton Park Palm House is kinda nice in a faded Victorian glory sort of way, the old banking district is fascinating if you have a guide to point out the historical importance and meaning behind what you see (wealth from the slave trade etc), if you can get a tour of the inside of the Anglican cathedral - that's really not to be missed. There are interesting floors on the elevator accessible if you're accompanied by a guide. The Albert Docks are fun. Speke House is interesting. But just be on your guard, especially if you're planning to use public transport.
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If you have even a passing interest in the Beatles I recommend the Magical Mystery Bus tour. It takes you by a number of important places in Beatles yore and lets you see a lot of Liverpool sights too. It will take up a good part of the afternoon and the bus was very nice when I went. I've been to Liverpool many times but the trip I remember most was the one with this bus tour. It left me with a great impression of the city.

Also, the Anglican cathedral of Liverpool is worth a stop too. My grandfather took us to the top of the cathedral for a stunning view of the entire city. The stairs to the top are pretty nerve wracking, so be warned.
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Do you have a budget?

The Malmaison hotel is nice and near (basically in) the city centre (within walking distance).

There is a new Beatles themed hotel in the city centre as well - A Hard Day's Night. While themed hotels may sound cheesy, this one is done well and looks to be pretty luxurious.

The Albert Dock is worth a visit, especially the only Tate outside of London - you can use my free passes!

I also second the Magical Mystery Tour, which you can book at the Beatles Story at the Albert Dock. The Beatles Story is also a good tour.

What other things do you like to do (clubbing? pubs? sports?) and what type of food do you like to eat? There are tons of good resturants in Liverpool.
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Color me jealous. I'm an avid Liverpool Football Club supporter. Anyway, I've heard the men's bathroom at The Philharmonic pub is not to be missed. See here. If soccer (i.e. Footie) is your thing, then tour Anfield.
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Okay, I've come up with a few more things. All of my suggestions are in the city centre and walkable.

Here are the museums. The Walker Art Gallery is quite good.

For shopping there is the big shiny new shopping centre Liverpool One - the final phase of its opening is tomorrow. There is also Bold Street a few blocks away, which is where you can find more independent shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Plus it's very close to the fantastic FACT. There is also the Cavern Walks, which is a very small shopping centre where all the designer gear is sold and is home to the world-famous Cricket, where all the WAGs shop. Finally there is the Metquarter. These are all within a 5 minute walk of each other.

For food, it's hard to recommend a place without knowing your tastes, but some places I like are The Monro, which is a pub/gastropub and has really good food. If you want something flashy, Alma de Cuba is a fairly trendy place to go at the moment. I've never eaten there, heard the food is fine, but what's really impressive is the building, as its housed in a former Catholic church. It really is beautiful on the inside.

I also like Meet Argentinia, which is an Argentinian steakhouse and the best steak I've had here. There is also Colin's Bridewell, which is housed in a former jail. I can't personally vouch for it as I've never eaten there, but I've heard nothing but good things. If you like Italian, then Villa Romana is your place. Recommended to me by my boss, far and away the best Italian I've had in L'pool, plus everyone who works there is from Italy. Also, I know it's a chain, but I'm going to recommend Piccolinos. I love it and it's a very popular place.

Another area worth visiting if you have time is Hope Street. It's about a 5-10 minute walk from the end of Bold Street and not only connects the two famous cathedrals (one at each end) but has a lot of great bars and restaurants in its own right. Notable places on Hope Street are The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (if you want to see a concert) and the not-to-be-missed Philharmonic Pub, which has gorgeous decor, great food and is apparently famous for its men's toilets. There is also the Everyman Playhouse. Make sure to visit the Bistro if you're there as its an attraction in itself - great homemade comfort food and live music as well.

Finally, I will throw in The Egg Cafe just because I love it. A quirky little vegetarian cafe/coffeshop where you can just hang out forever and chat or read. Unfortunately, Liverpool is kind of lacking in little coffeeshop/cafe places open after 5 where a person can just hang out as long as they want and do whatever. The Egg is really the only place I've found.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope it helps.
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Seconding triggerfinger on Malmaison but correcting her on the only Tate outside London, though the Graham Sutherlands at the Liverpool one are great.
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I saw that after I posted. Thanks for pointing it out TheRaven.
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At the moment the Biennial is on so there are hundreds of little galleries and spaces all over the place showing weird and wonderful art of all hues. I can recommend going to the Open Eye Gallery and the Bluecoat, both are in the city centre and close to each other.

I had a quick glance at your profile and noticed straight away 2 photos of booze! So if you are that way inclined there are loads of great places to get real ale in Liverpool. This is a map made by Merseyside CAMRA and I have been to most of the pubs mentioned some of my favourite are, The Ship & Mitre, Ye Cracke, The Baltic Fleet & The Belvedere. There is also Cains brewery which does a trip round its premises and throws in a couple of pints for about £5.
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At the moment the Biennial is on so there are hundreds of little galleries and spaces all over the place showing weird and wonderful art of all hues. I can recommend going to the Open Eye Gallery and the Bluecoat, both are in the city centre and close to each other.

Seconding traipsing around the Biennial. There's a visitor centre set up just opposite Lime Street Station where you can pick up a map and ask for advice on what to check out. Most of the good stuff is concentrated in the city centre, so as well as being a chance to see a ton of newly-commissioned art, it's a good way to explore the city itself - roughly half the work is showing in public places or non-gallery venues.
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I went and saw. Took some of your advice and skipped some other parts (I don't really care that much for that newfangled beatles music). The Biennial was great and Paddy's wigwam was interesting.

I also saw the Williamson tunnels and wanted to see the ventilation building tunnel tour but didn't get to it in time - 5pm only for a 3 hour tour? Anybody done this?

My pictures are here.
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