Halloween costumes for 4 (2 m, 2 f) with nerdy/pop culture flavour.
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Seeking recognizable group Halloween costume suggestions for four (2 guys and 2 girls), preferably with a pop culture/nerdy bent.ha

Last year, my fiancée and I teamed up with another couple and rocked TMNT costumes. It was absolutely fantastic (and it's clear that Donatello is the most popular). We're trying to think of something similar for this year, but haven't hit on anything yet. Ghostbusters has been considered, but the cost may be a little much.

The overall cost should be pretty low (~$25/each max) and shouldn't take more than an evening's worth of work to put together. I saw a couple of other costume suggestion threads, but none with a 2 m, 2 f split. Thanks!
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Fred, Shaggy (with stuffed Scooby), Velma and Daphne?
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I did a Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy one year, which was kind of a hit. Somewhere there's a picture of me, dressed up as Luigi, fighting Hannibal Lector.

Mario and Luigi are easy and cheap, the toughest part is probably the hats. The princesses could probably be done with tiaras and a run through thrift shops for a couple ugly bridesmaids dresses.

Grow your own mustache for extra authenticity.
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McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden
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McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden ... only when they were younger.

POW/Beauty Queen, Basketball player/???
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Princess Bride?
Choose from:
Dread Pirate Roberts, Wesley, Inigo Montoya, Six-fingered Man, the "Inconceivable!" guy, Andre the Giant, Princess Buttercup, the old hag witch lady, and ROUS if you're creative. Good luck!
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What about the two duos from Revenge of the Nerds? Stan Gable and Betty Childs, plus Louis and Judy (the Omega Mu)?

Suits + rubber masks = Dead Presidents

You could go as Amy Winehouse, Sarah Palin, Corey Feldman and David Hasselhoff, and wait for people to get your commonality (which of course is "trainwreck celebs").

I like justkevin's Scooby Doo idea.

My best foursome costume ever was the three Heathers and Veronica (a color-coordinated croquet mallet for each)... but that would only work for your group if the lads don't mind drag.
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My wife, 13-year-old daughter, and I are going out as the Goth family. Cheap, easy, instantly recognizable.
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Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Joel Madden, Benji Madden

Props for the girls - huge handbags, starbucks cups, rhinestone-encrusted cell phones, chihuahuas, baby, keys, Kitson shopping bags (they have to hold all of these things at once).

The guys don't have any props. They just wear lots of black and weird hats.
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Don't the guys have to look like they just robbed a Hot Topic?
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Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy.
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My boyfriend and I were Devo last year - even though it was just the two of us, we were a hit. Four people would look even better! The hats took a bit of time to make, but weren' t difficult. We got all the materials from a party store and Home Depot. I think we spent about $30 for both costumes.

Shoot me an email if you want more instructions!
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I got a lot of mileage out of being half of American Gothic (the creepy painting). Perhaps pick a piece of artwork that your social circle recognizes?
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Oooh, Devo is a good one. You could also do the Ramones. Or zombie Ramones.
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Any of the Addams family. Instantly recognizable as a set, multiple males and females to pick from, and fairly easy costumes.
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You could each be Tetris pieces and spend the evening assembling and disassembling yourselves. The costumes are fairly easy to pull off with cardboard boxes and black duct tape to create the illusion of separate squares.
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More nerd than pop culture -- DNA. We did this with t-shirts and iron-ons (big letters on the front, and molecular structure on the back).

cross dressed Scooby gang

Scooby Gang Buffy style - Giles, Xander, Willow, Buffy (or sub in Angel and Oz if you want to go coupl-y)

Grease - Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Kenickie

Some combination of superheroes/ines

Find a fifth and go as the Planeteers (or a 6th and add Captain Planet)
(This randomly happened at a party I was at once. A group of people came as the Planeteers, and someone independently came as Captain Planet -- awesome!)
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Blake Fielder, Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, Kate Moss (you'll need lots of fake blood and ballet slippers)

Don't the guys have to look like they just robbed a Hot Topic?

Haha....yes. Perfect.
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team zissou!
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If you can get a few more people and a horse, you could be the Evil League of Evil!
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Archie, Reggie, Betty, Veronica
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Two friends of mine did The Flinstones, which was easy - he didn't shave, and got an big orange beach towel he drew black spots on. She (a red head) put her hair up with a bone, did a similar towel thing for a dress, and had a ping pong ball necklace. The other couple could be Betty & Barney.
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Brock, Dr. Venture, Molotov Cocktease, and Dr. Girlfriend.
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Four David Bowies: Alladin Sane and Ziggy Stardust (or Bowie in the Jazzin' for Blue Jean video) could be pulled by women, and Let's Dance Bowie and Early Bowie for the men. Or a Bowie entourage: Klaus Nomi and Iman for the women, and Iggy Pop and Bowie for the guys.
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When I was in college in the late eighties a bunch of our roomates dressed up in white and applied some red duct tape and went as the stock market crash -- basically depicting a graph with the duct tape that went down down down. It was especially cute that the group assembled in terms of height so the shortest person was at the end/bottom of the graph.

So you could go as the financial crisis of 2008. Does not make use of your male/female ratio, but can make use of different heights if you have them. Good luck!
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Like box, my first thought was of ABBA. Looks like all you'd need for this one is a Costco sized box of aluminum foil and a homemade Swedish flag! Have fun!
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The obvious nerd theme would be Futurama related:

Dudes: Bender, Fry, Farnsworth, Hermes.
Women: Leela, Amy, Mom.
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Depending on your demographic, you could go as two teams from Legends of the Hidden Temple. All you need is a skateboard helmet (spray painted gold) and team t-shirts. (Elbow/knee pads if you want to go all out.) I guarantee everyone from the ages of about 18-25 will know who you are.
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If you go with cosmic osmo, please go with the silver barracudas. They were always the best.

I'm nthing ABBA. Pick up some bright spandex and learn some Swedish and you're set.
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& Lois
& Meg
& Stewie
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