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I want to get rid of a bunch (hundreds) of LPs, most of which are not worth anything to a store (nobody buys used classical LPs, apparently). I hate to just throw them out. Does anybody know of institutions that would be likely to accept donations of LPs? (Extra points if you know of a specific institution near Peekskill, NY... and if you live around here and think you might want some, let me know -- there's lots of classical and pre-1985 rock.)
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I wouldn't be surprised if the nearest college library was be interested in the classical ones, at least.
posted by Johnny Assay at 8:25 AM on September 19, 2004

If the libraries near you do not want them and they are generally in good condition I would be happy to pay you $100 plus shipping. You can probably get much more than that over at
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Anything up my alley in the rock stuff?
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You can get better prices on eBay than you could at a record store, anyway. Especially if you announce it on mailing lists/newsgroups/web boards devoted to the kind of music you're selling.
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your local public library--even if they don't want them, they can sell them at their annual (or semi-) sales and then buy more books/equipment with the cash.
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I know a guy who does recording restoration and likes to collect vinyl who'd probably be interested -- he's driven to Texas to pick up sizeable collections. He's in Utah, tho'. Let me know if you're interested and maybe give some indication of the titles.
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don't you guys in the states have charity shops? like the salvation army or something? i don't mean value village type thrift stores, i mean the shops where all the revenue goes towards a decent charity. they'd be enormously grateful for a donation like that.
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You could also see if someone on freecycle wants them.
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Being from Poughkeepsie, I know a number of folks at 91.3FM WVKR who might be interested in adding your unwanted classical LPs to the station's library. It's community-run, through Vassar College, and Hannah, the music director could find a way for someone to pick the albums from Peekskill.

As for the pre-85 rock: VKR does play some classic rock and older punk/new wave material, though I suppose you could get my email address from mathowie and send me a general list of artists/groups.
I could let you know what I could take off your hands, and even trade some old books/computer stuff/clothes for them.
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Or maybe even FOOD.
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Libraries are a good suggestion, as is WVKR -- thanks, all. (I know eBay is a logical suggestion, but I'm not about to go to all that trouble and risk things breaking in transit and have people complain that the records aren't in the condition they expected. I do want to start selling books online, but that's an easier proposition.) And jon, you definitely get first pick of the rock; I'll send you a list of items I think you might want.
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sweet, thanks, man.
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Whether you're looking to sell or give away, I offer you at least a calamri and mojito and fattie's on Ditmar's and burning rights to anything in my mp3 collection, dude.
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You should keep them around, really. You never know when you might need them.
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Maybe you could figure something out with PrinceValium as well?
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