Does anyone recall a band named Thrust from HBO's Real Sex series?
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This is not a "name that song" question, but rather a "find this CD, if it was ever made into a CD" question. Vaguely NSFW inside.

At some point between 1995 and 1999, while housesitting and enjoying the luxury of cable, I flipped through an episode (title unknown) of HBO's Real Sex. Out came a lady onto a dimly-lit stage. She approaches the mike. She screams, "SEX GHETTO! SEX GHETTO!" then, coyly (as coy as one can be wearing only chains and a wedding veil), "Anything goes in a sex ghetto." Think The Plasmatics, but with more of the avant garde and less of the subtle.

Naturally, I became enamored of this act; I wanted to hear more and to subscribe to their newsletter.

Years go by, and while I rarely fail to find my quarry (musical or otherwise), this one has gone entirely to ground. A variety of search engines have been useless; gives nothing that seems relevant, they never put anything up at CDBaby, and so forth; inquiries to the seemingly-relevant people HBO have gone unanswered.

The salient details:

* The band was composed of sex workers (ex or current) who
* Wore not much (electrical tape seemed to be a staple) and
* Played "found instruments" (truck springs, etc) in addition to the usual ones and
* Were in New York and
* Went by the name of "Thrust"
* Clips of two different songs were shown on the episode

It's possible that the whole thing was a byproduct of my fevered imagination, but, in the hopes that it was not, I ask you, MeFi, which may well have counted and catalogued the fall of every sparrow whapping against the glass of Borges' infinite Library - have you heard of this? Did they put out an album? What was its name? How can I find it?

Short of taking several grand to the Big Apple and going on a tour of by now veteran sex workers, I am at a dead end.
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Makes me think of Flux Information Sciences, but I don't know much about their background.

Here's the bio from allMusic

Biography by Andy Kellman

Most vividly described by Michael Gira as sounding " being beaten up by a sexually enraged clown," no-wave throwbacks Flux Information Sciences unleashed their debut for Gira's own Young God label in early 2001. Prior to that, three other LPs were issued between 1997 and 2000. They combined a dark sense of humor with funky, destructionist noise that was alternately electronic and more organic. The collective gained a loyal following throughout the underground New York scene with confrontational live performances that often made light of consumerism and the mundane side of life. They would have fit snugly with late-'70s New York acts like Suicide, the Contortions, and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, but they also had the effect of Cabaret Voltaire as managed by nutball auteur John Waters

Oh, FYI - their album cover is NSFW, which is why I didn't just link.
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One idea re. a source to ask: I saw an annual artsy-performance showcase featuring current and former sex workers and this is their contact info. I know the artsy-former-sex-worker community is pretty small and self-aware, so if anything, its members are more likely to know other members (past and present) than anybody currently involved with Real Sex.
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PONY would be another potential contact point. I think they've been active since the 1970s.

I can also imagine a letter to the editor of Spread, optionally with an anonymized Gmail.
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Sorry to bust your bubble, but I know from some L.A. friends who were featured that the producers of Real Sex egularly encouraged weirdos to create fake erotic back stories and act them out on tape. So it's quite possible that your dream band was a lark that only existed for the length of the shoot day.
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