Names, please.
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Please identify these three plants. They live in our front garden, in the garden state of New Jersey.
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I think the middle one (with the pen) is a pyracantha or Fire Thorn.
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First one looks like a little like spirea. Does it flower?
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I'd say the middle one is Barberry.
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I'm not so sure the middle one is a pyracanthus. I'm looking at one out the window now, and the leaves are pointier. Plus, at this time of year -- on the West Coast, anyway -- they're covered with orange berries.

They are hella thorny, though.
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+1 that the middle picture is barberry. though honestly it's hard to tell from this picture. barberry is in EVERY nursery here in our garden state. very invasive. just re-read the comment about the flesh color of the branches. if these branches are woody and super-hard to remove (including, especially the roots), definitely barberry!

plant #3: perhaps aster divaricatus? very common invasive in nj woodlands...
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First one is a Euonymus. Second one is a barberry. Third one is a Beggar's tick (Bidens).
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Response by poster: Thanks to all.

The first one does look like some sort of Euonymus. We have two big winged euonymus bushes, and the leaves and leaf layouts are similar. The little guy is wingless, but it seems there are lots of kinds of euonymus.

The second is definitely barberry, foul temper and all. I have carved it into a big cube.

The third is still mysterious. Beggars tick has serrated leaf margins; this plant's leaves are smooth-edged. The picture does not show the proportions well. The leaves are at most 30 cm from the ground. The long step, bare except for tiny flowers, then seeds, goes up a meter or so.
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from my niece the plant dork:

First plant is a mystery but doesn't look like any euonymus I have ever seen.

Second one is definitely barberry. Roots are yellow.

Last one is Japanese knotweed. Polyganum cuspidsatum.
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