buying a condo in dc next fall
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I am looking to buy a condo next fall (2009) in DC. While I have rented in DC for quite some time, I haven't been keeping an eye on the housing market nearly as much, particularly as it has begun its decline.

I'm hoping to spend between 225-275,000 on a 1 bedroom condo somewhere in DC (I'd like to stay in the DC because I have a lot of family there). Luxury amenities aren't super-important, besides having a W/D in-unit. I don't need off-street parking.

I'm looking at northern Columbia Heights, southern Petworth, Park View, Brookland and Takoma.

Has anyone bought a condo recently in these areas, and can vouch for their building, or their builders? There's so many apartment conversions and/or new construction that trying to figure out what was a quality build and what was a rush job is really difficult.
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Here are a couple of blogs that focus on DC housing. You might post your question in the comments there, or read through the old entries, or both:
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Have you considered the Van Ness area? I was just in D.C. this weekend visiting a friend who recently bought a junior 1-bedroom in your price range. The neighborhood is vibrant, convenient and safe and there seems to be plenty of inventory available.
Good luck.
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I'd look at anything very closely before buying. There were a lot of quick condo conversions done on the cheap. From 2005.
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