Kitten boarding in Mumbai?
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Help me with the daunting task of finding a facility to board a kitten for a few days in Mumbai, India, which is of decent enough quality to someone from the U.S.
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Is this a kitten you're getting from India, or one you plan on taking to India. If the latter, I believe a 6 month quarantine would apply?
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Hire someone you trust to board the kitten at their home and discuss the care and feeding of said kitten carefully. Leave the food you want to be fed to the cat and written instructions.
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Response by poster: Clarification: this has nothing to do with travel from the US. I live in both the US and India. I have a place in the US where I can board her while I am living within the US but traveling. I don't have a place to board her while I am living in India and am traveling.
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Can you find a neighbor or friend who will come in to feed and water her? Maybe there's a nice older person in the area who could do it for a few rupees so that kitty doesn't have to be all distressed by living in a cage for a few days?
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Response by poster: I'd love to find someone like that, but unfortunately I don't know anyone that will do it now.
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