Master's programs in accounting for non-accountants: Where?
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I'm looking for a more complete list of Master's in Accounting or Master's in Professional Accounting programs designed for people with non-accounting bachelor's degrees.

So far I have identified ones at UNC, Vanderbilt, San Jose State, University of Texas (Austin and Arlington campuses), Arizona State and University of New Mexico. Am I missing any?
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Are you interested in MAcc programs only, or are you interested in certificate programs as well?

I'm enrolled in an excellent post-baccalaureate certificate program in accounting at Portland State University, and I had no accounting or business background as an undergraduate. I'm very happy with the program so far.
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For a comprehensive list of schools that are AACSB-accredited (a good benchmark), visit The site's run by AACSB. Click on Masters/MBA and then on Search and you can select criteria (full/part time, state, GMAT score range, etc.).
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Response by poster: @velvet winter: I'm interested in taking the CPA exam and don't think that the certificate will take me to the 150 hour requirement. Otherwise, it sounds really interesting.
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Best answer: Actually, the AACSB-accredited certificate program I'm in is specifically designed for those who want to sit for the CPA exam, and it meets the 150 hour requirement.

Feel free to MeFi mail me if you need further info. And good luck choosing a program! Studying accounting can be enjoyable and fascinating.
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Response by poster: Wow. Well I had no idea! That's great. Thanks!
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