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I want to get my domain away from Network Solutions, with whom my contract expires on Friday, and have it managed by someone better. But I have no idea where to start. Can someone please point me down the path?
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Is the email address that netsol has on file for you accurate?

If so, you simply do a transfer to the co. you want to switch to. I recommend You simply go to there transfer section and fill out the forms. You'll get confirmation emails from netsol and once you click them, you're done. Pretty simple and painless. Right now godaddy is $8 for a .com transfer and that gives you a year registration.

If the email address at netsol is not accurate, then you'll have to get it updated before trying a transfer.
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I'll second Godaddy... been using them for a few years now, with no problems and no complaints.
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I don't think you can transfer a domain if it is less than 30 days before it expires. Things may have changed in the last year or two, but the last time I tried to transfer a domain that was about to expire I couldn't. (I was using Domain Monger, so perhaps YMMV). I had to renew it with the current registrar and then transfer it, which worked fine.

I've also heard good and bad things about godaddy, so it might be worth researching them a bit...
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One week is not enough time to do a domain transfer from Network Solutions. It should be enough time, but it isn't. I renew for one year at NetSol, and then transfer your domain.

Steps To Take

1. Get your login information from Network Solutions and log into the
Admin Console on their site.

2. Remove "registrar lock" from your domain at Network Solutions (they
recently turned this on for all their domains.

3. Ensure a working email address that you receive is listed with
Network Solutions.

3. Find a new registrar (GoDaddy, PairNIC, Gandi, etc.), and follow their
instructions for initiating a transfer (everyone is different)

4. Over the course of the new few days/week, you'll receive one or two e-mail
messages asking you to confirm the transfer. Follow the instructions in
these e-mails.

5. Do a magic rain dance

6. Your domain should now be transfered.
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Another vote for godaddy. I have six domains there. The service works well and their customer support is excellent. However, those above are correct in that you will have to renew with netsol before you can initiate the transfer. You will not lose the year though, the time will come over with the transfer. Renew and transfer NOW so you won't forget when next year comes around.
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I transfered from NetSol using They dealt with everything for me and it was completely painless. In fact I couldn't remember the password for my NetSol account but that wasn't a problem (my e-mail address was correct however).
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Just a shout out for two places I've used for domain registration which have worked fine--DotDealers and ArborDomains. Good luck escaping from the pure evil that is Network Solutions!
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I'll throw my vote in for Godaddy. Never had any problems with them, prices are cheap, service has been good the few times I've had to get in touch.
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I've had good luck with godaddy--when I was moving some domain names there a while back, I had a question, called tech support, and a human answered on the first ring. Gave me a useful answer, too.
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i won't get into which registrar to transfer TO, but i will say that it is total folly, and probably undoable, to attempt a transfer while netsol is drooling over your potential renewal. while it sucks, if you care at all about the domain, pay the renewal to netsol, THEN transfer it the fuck out. anything else is just asking for trouble.
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