Where to buy a cellular modem router in the South Bay today.
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Would you share you cellular modem router experiences? Or, where can I find a cellular modem router in the Bay Area today?

I need to acquire a cellular modem router in the San Francisco bay area (preferably in the south bay). It will be used to provide network access to a laptop that can not have the card directly connected to it. The connection from the router to the laptop must be ethernet. The cellular provider is AT&T.

And relatedly, do you have experience with cellular modem routers? Which one(s) have you used? What do you like or dislike about it/them? Would you recommend/not recommend it to others?
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I recently bought one from Verison. I like it a lot. The downside is, I only have a 5gig monthly allowance. I don't do much downloading, it's primarily used for browsing. So this works fine. If I go over the 5gigs they charge .25/MB. WOW.
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You might have better luck on EVDO forums where I go for my EVDO needs. I buy this stuff all the time, the technology is constantly changing. Don't put too much thought into this, as assuredly everything will be different in 12 months.

Cradlepoint seems to be the router of choice of the moment. If I recall they were the first to come out with this sort of technology, could be wrong on that though.
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