Oh, this summer I did swan dives And jack-knives for you all
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Mefi Mixtape Help! I'm currently in love with "The Swimming Song" by Loudon Wainwright III. Does anyone have suggestions for songs that are equally fun, carefree and generally badass? I tried the iTunes Genius playlist but it failed. Thanks in advance.
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Loudon's never done anything for me but I'll suggest Nick Lowe's I Trained Her to Love Me.
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Cody ChestnuTT's Look Good in Leather (fun, but explicit)?
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parachutes by shugo tokumaru

many Of Montreal songs have similar vibes.

i.e. brush brush brush

'all i want is you' by barry louis polisar (on the movie juno) is also of a similar carefree nature.
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I love that Wainwright song, too.

fun, carefree and generally badass

Jonathan Richman often fits the bill for me, beta male. Check out "That Summer Feeling."
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Kate and Anna McGarrigle did a version of this song on their first album if I recall correctly; you might like their stuff just from their Wainwright associations alone.
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Punch it into pandora.com.
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AM Sixty: Big as the Sky [random video]
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Werewolves in the City - Viking Moses.
Sax Rohmer #1 - The Mountain Goats.
We Tigers - Animal Collective.
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur - Sigur Rós.
U. F. O. - Larry Norman.
Jawani Janeman - Asha Bholse.
Alfômega - Caetano Veloso.

Thanks for introducing me to The Swimming Song, by the way, I really love it.
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