Does IE7-like RSS Reader exist for FireFox?
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I love IE7's built-in RSS/feed reader. I hate, hate, hate IE7's slowness and general, overal crapiness. I would love to use FireFox, but I want the same kind of RSS reader functionality. Is there is a plugin or extension for Firefox that exists and works just like IE7's RSS reader?

I am looking for the exact same or as close as possible functionality for an RSS reader in FireFox as found build-in in IE7. I'd like it to integrate into the browser. I can't stand FireFox's live bookmarks.

Things I'm not looking for: Web-based RSS readers, desktop RSS clients, or FireFox extensions/plugins that don't work like how IE7's functionality does.

Does this kind of tool/functionality/plugin/extension exist for Firefox?

(btw, I'm running the current version of Firefox).

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This page has a list of extensions -- it looks like there's a sparse mix of the IE7 features in there. I would just try them out and see if they're adequate; as far as I can tell, though, it looks like there's nothing exactly like it. Sage and NewsFox are close.
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FWIW, IE7 basically took its RSS interface from Safari, which is available (and getting pretty good) on Windows. So there's always that. (The latest WebKit nightlies are also really, really fast, so expect even better in the next major release.)
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FWIW Firefox comes with a built-in feed-reader. There are also alternatives such as Google Reader which are not browser-dependant to choose from.
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