Excel, talk to me in Numbers, not Korean!
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Excel Language Issue: Why is it speaking Korean when I want English numbers?

Asking for a friend: I work in an English speaking environment, but feel more comfortable working in Korean, so I have both Korean and English languages activated in Windows.

For some reason today, when I type, for example "07-08" to represent the years 2007 & 2008, it translates it into a date, in Korean. Usually, I'd right click > Cell > Number type "general number". Except - this cell is ALREADY set to "General Number". So - why is it insisting on using date format?
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When a cell is set to the General format, it formats it based on a "guess". Since "07-08" looks like a date format, it switches it to Date. If you want "07-08" in that cell, either change the format to Text and then hit F2 to re-evaluate it or put a single quote in front of it like '07-08.
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