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Beardfilter! I'm just starting to grow a beard and it's so itchy! Any recommendations on methods for decreasing the irritation and any tips for maintaining the skin below when it's grown in would be appreciated.
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It just takes some getting used to. I always get almost there, then the ichyness drives me bannanas. However, once I get it nice and full (two weeks maybe?), you get used to it, and it isn't so bad.

I would be interested in some tips as well, as I am starting to grow mine back before I play a string of folk concerts next month. I want to be good n' shaggy.
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Get one of those flat palm-held brushes like they use for polishing shoes.
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moisturizer works well to help with itchiness, but it'll be a little itchy until you get used to it. and wash the area frequently because the hairs will collect oil/dirt/etc.
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Wait a while, let it grow, and then the itching will stop. I used to like to shampoo my beard -- that helps a bit with the itching too.
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It's your first beard right? They always itch. It's a kind of a beard initiation process.
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Same as everyone else. you get used to it.

Mine still itches a little from time to time after 3-4 yrs.

i like scratching it. its my new bad habit.
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Yeah, you get used to it after a bit. I never really felt much itching when I went from the chops to the full beard, but it was a pretty slow progression, so that may have something to do with it. Years later, I only scratch or tug as a cathartic pleasure.

btw, holy shit! a Puga sighting!
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For temporary relief of the itchies, I would suggest Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Moisturizing Body Lotion.
It has worked in the past for me. I'm clean-shaven at the moment, but whenever I get the notion to grow my beard out, I always pick up a bottle of this stuff to help me through the first few weeks.
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Hey Dave: Luffa in the shower. Works wonders for taking the dead skin off (since you're not shaving it off anymore), and reducing itch for my perma stubble.
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I second the shampoo notion, but also use conditioner. I find that it makes my beard MUCH softer.

I do this every year:

Grow your beard for New Year's

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I've never been able to deal with it long enough to grow it out. There's just no way. This probably has to do with the fact that it takes me 3+ months to bypass the half-scrag, just-crawled-out-of-a-garbage-can look. I can't deal.
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