College Radio, Reloaded
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What does it take to get an internet radio station to appear in the "Radio" section of the iTunes software? Or, how do I help a college set up an internet radio station?

The president of the radio station at the college I work at has asked me to help establish a streaming component to the station website, which I administer. We have a server (running Fedora, if that matters) collocated in Equinix Ashburn, with sufficient bandwidth to do this, but I'm unsure of what software they need to run in the studio to accomplish this, nor am I sure how we would get the station listed in the iTunes radio thinger.

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Someone at the station needs to send an email to the appropriate person at Apple.
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You may already know this, but you can always link to your radio station for people to listen to in iTunes, even before it's listed.
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