Cost of living in Bermuda?
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I'm considering a job offer. It's in Bermuda. While the places obviously has advantages, the cost of living seems insane.

So let me ask the not less insane question: can I get by on 100k down there? What kind of lifestyle would I have? Would I be able to save something?
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I have a colleague that plans to start commuting from his place in the Caribbean in the next few years. I looked into a few islands, including Bermuda, which is supposed to have one of the highest standards of living in my part of the world (North America / Caribbean). This page convinced me that I was crazy if I wanted to live there.
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It's been about 10 years, but I had friend that lived over there with his wife and small child for 2-3 years when he was the head brewer for the Bermuda Brewing Company. I do not believe he was making anywhere near $100K. They lived in a small apartment, and I don't think they even owned a vehicle, however they did manage. So I think it can be done. I wouldn't plan on saving a lot of cash, but a couple of years of island life probably has its own rewards.
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most of my family lives in Bermuda and has for generations. i do not think any of them have ever, at any point in their lives, made 100K. they do just fine. their children go to college. they go on vacations and have cars. they live in decent houses and own boats. you can do it.

on another note, living in Bermuda is bloody boring....just a heads up.
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