sunset position prediction
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Is there a site that will tell me the exact heading to which the sun will set for a given day and location? Obviously the sun sets in the west, but as the seasons change it sets in different locations, I need to figure out exactly where...

Plenty of websites will tell me at what time the sun rises and sets, but what I need is exact heading.

Thanks in advance hive-mind!!
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What you need is Ephemris, free and downloadable here.
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Wunderground does it. Enter your city, then find the button labelled "extended view" underneath the astronomy data. It'll give you locations for rise, set, and noon.
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This calculator (from includes azimuth and altitude information for a specific date and time (relative to a position you provide).
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody, when I actually did a bit more googling, I found this site which works just fine.
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This sunrise and sunset calculator also does it--after choosing your city, choose the "rise/set time/azimuth" from the "Columns" pull-down menu.
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