Is there a solvent for laser printer ink?
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Is there a solvent for laser printer ink?

I like the blurs when you get ink jet prints wet, is there a solvent I can use on laser prints to get the same kind of effect?
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I have heard you can clean the drum with alcohol. (ethyl, isopropyl, etc) Thus, I'd guess, If you heat up the paper (like in the printer) and apply some heated vodka/everclear, might work. Guessing no- inkjets are like watercolors, and toner is like acrylic, as B1trot has pointed out.
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Pretty much any solvent will remove the toner, I used to do this a lot (transferring toner to a stone for lithography). You won't get blurs like you do with inkjet prints, toner is basically plastic dust.
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xylene. handily available in the form of an art blender marker. it will take the toner right off the paper if you apply it to the back side and rub it onto a separate surface but i think if you apply it to the front of the image it will distort it a bit if you rub it around.
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Xylene works. It's kind of toxic, so keep that in mind when you use it.

I've heard that wintergreen oil will create the same toner transfer effect as xylene. And I've also heard that Citrasolv will do it.
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isopropyl will clean off laser printer ink without risking ruining anything else, Xylene might be ok, but start with the isopropyl alcohol. you can use the 98%±3% stuff sold @ the drug store, or you can get special stuff @ an electronics store for significantly more money though.
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