What is a good job for a teenager that is good with computers?
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I'm a highschool kid, good with computers, looking for an online job regarding computers?

I am a junior in high school, let me describe my computer talents.
- Thorough with Windows, Microsoft Office
- Good with the Internet
- Can learn any program fast (GUI)
- Extremely good writing and how-to skills.
- Tech savvy with apps and electronics
- NOT A PROGRAMMER OF ANY SORT, which somewhat contradicts the one above this :)

I am looking for a job, perhaps in writing that would help me to utilize these skills. I'm not looking for a job that you do for a couple of cents (I know Amazon has something like that). I've hear about becoming a ChaCha guide, but what else. I know I'm a dime a dozen but any ideas are excepted.. Also, age is not a problem, I can always use my parents as"a pen name"..Also, I am not intrested in becoming a local tech support guy too.
Please help thanks!
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Best answer: One possibility for piecemeal work is Rentacoder. I often "subcontract" out work to that site.
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(rentacoder is not just writing code, btw... lots of design, documentation, general help, and other work there)
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Write lenses for Squidoo?

Make tutorial/help videos for MetaCafe or Revver?

I've never personally done either but it's the first thing that came to mind.
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Craigslist, specifically the Computer section in Gigs
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I'm guessing you're savvy enough to avoid the scams/spam that masquerades as online employment. Don't pay anyone, don't sign up for a bunch of things before you start, run away/flag if you see a truck load of small words on the page (highlight the whole page to check), etc., etc.
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learn to build and break down a computer, boot a computer from an external drive, pull out user files, and reinstall windows. Bam! you now have all skills needed to give door to door tech support. Charge em for replacement copies of windows, and the small backup drives that their files are on. I did this in high school, we never got a ton of customers, but it was fun, and we made a little cheddar for beer on the side.
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Term paper writer. If you are close to a college, put up some signs or find out where the college kids go online, and post an ad. If you know how to format citations and bibliographies, and can write a coherent sentence, your services will be very popular.
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