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I left a black and white Freitag bag on a Dundas streetcar in Toronto last night at about 10:45. I have already spoken to the TTC about steps to recover it if it was handed to the driver. What are my best steps to get it back if another passenger kept it?
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If Canada has anything like the British freedom of information act, or TTC employ friendly people, you can request footage from the TTC (if they had any cameras aboard) then it should be fairly straightforward to isolate the person and take that to the police.

You could also create a reward poster and leave them at the stops along the route/on the streetcar.

St. Anthony, bring the bag back!
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They have only in the past few months decided to install cameras on TTC vehicles so few, if any, vehicles have them yet. The cameras are going to record in a 24-hour loop (so footage over 24 hours old is destroyed) and the footage is only used for a police investigation (that begins within 24 hours, of course).
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Try posting posters offering a reward at streetcar stops between where you got off and the end of the line (assuming you know that the bag didn't get off before you).
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Last time I left a backpack on a TTC bus, I went to the bus depot and intercepted the driver as she walked into the drivers' lounge holding my bag.

If you've already contacted lost and found and cannot secure your bag, it's a lost cause in my opinion.
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I'd try Craigslist and the Toronto Livejournal group, too. I highly highly doubt you're going to be able to get security cam footage from the streetcar (and also: creepy) and I'm also somewhat inclined to believe BeaverTerror about it being a lost cause if the TTC doesn't have it. I don't think very many people think, "oh, someone forgot their bag! I'll not turn it in to the one place he or she would know to look for it, and instead hope magic faeries inspire this person to contact me directly!"
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Thanks for the answers. I've put it up on Craigs in two places. A friend of mine's notebook was in it and he's pissed. I was hoping to get it back before he found out but no such luck. He's put together a site for it: Lost Freitag Bag.
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