Another movie ID question: Modernized Woman in White?
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Movie ID help: old film, a woman in white, escaped mental patient, is hitchhiking....

One day in film studies class back in college the professor showed us a clip from an old movie to illustrate continuity errors. I didn't think much of it but then a year later I read The Woman in White and was struck the similarity between the movie scene and a scene from the book. What is this movie?

The movie, I am pretty sure, is old, black and white. I think the clip is from the very beginning of the film. A guy is driving down the highway and nearly hits a woman in a white nightgown who is standing in the middle of the road trying to flag down his car. He stops and gves her a ride. They get to a tollboth or some kind of police stop, and the officer says that they are looking for a woman who has recently escaped from a mental institution and if this guy has possibly seen her. The guy says the woman who he is giving the ride to is his wife, and no he hasn't seen anyone by that description. The cop lets him go and he starts to drive away. When he turns to the woman to ask her about it, she's gone.
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Perhaps Kiss Me Deadly... though it's not a gown, but a raincoat.
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There's a pic of the man and the woman in the car about 18 secs into this slideshow.
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Yes, that description pretty well fits the start of 'Kiss Me Deadly'.
It's on DVD, it's a neat film ...
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Yep, that's Kiss Me Deadly all right.

The woman is Cloris Leachman, BTW.
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