Where's an affordable place to get married in Vancouver?
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Where's an affordable place to get married in Vancouver?

We just moved here from the east and we're going to get hitched early next year. Any suggestions for a cute and cheap/free ceremony venue? (any hidden gems?) I've seen some places charge $1,500 or more and that's a bit too much for us. We'd love something way less than that or free, with a great view, privacy, and preferably near some water. Thought about the parks and beaches... But the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation website says that any weddings on beaches or parks need to be less than 50 people and you pretty much can't do anything. It'd be nice to have a piper at least, and we'd expect more like 80-90 people. Any recommendations would be truly appreciated!! Thanks!
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I saw a wedding at the Rose Garden at UBC once. Fits great view and near water. Privacy -- sort of. The area was closed off but members of the public could look in if they went to a certain spot. It is on a university campus. No idea what it costs. There's a contact number here. It is a beautiful spot.

By the way if you say "early next year"... depending on how early, you may need an indoor venue. And your view may be obscured by cloud. Just sayin.
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Golden Ears Provincial Park is probably the most beautiful locale in the Lower Mainland. It's about 40 minutes out of town, toward Maple Ridge. You could look into whether the wedding regulations differ since it's not a Vancouver park.
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vancouver canada, or vancouver washington?
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Oops! Guess I should have clarified that -- it's Vancouver, BC, Canada :)

Good point, PercussivePaul! We may be moving it closer to summer now... Thanks for the Rose Garden/UBC suggestion!

Will google Golden Ears too. Thanks Beardman!
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If you just want a ceremony spot (and not a reception hall), then you can reserve a lot of places in parks all around the city. General rule is just to find one you like, ask the city if you can do a wedding there, and then don't ask them any more questions (such as if you can bring chairs, or throw flower petals). If you're looking at a summer Saturday in late afternoon/evening, then you might be out of luck for 2009 at this point. Have you scheduled your wedding yet? I would very much encourage you to look into doing a Friday night wedding (if your guests are young-ish) or a Sunday afternoon wedding (if your guests are older). I work in the wedding industry. It can be kind of crazy here in Vancouver for the summer. It's very competitive, especially if you're trying to do it on the cheap. Send me a message or reply in this thread if you want any specific parks that might work.
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Sent you a PM, Pantagrool!
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