Cozy sweaters in NYC.
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Where can I buy a cozy warm/large/high quality/handmade old style wool/cotton sweater (not stylized or gender specific) in NYC?

I am looking for a nice colored (no patterns, I can't stand them) sweater (purple, brown, or maybe green). Is there a custom sweater shop somewhere I don't know about?
If you can name somewhere in lower manhattan you get a virtual hug. Hugs also for unoverpricedness (not to sacrifice quality though!).
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they're cashmere, not wool, but uniqlo in soho has great sweaters in a multitude of beautiful colors—solid, no patterns, and no logos. they go on sale frequently and are usually somewhere between $59 to $99.
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yea, I've looked at uniqlo, they don't have the huge handknit kind that I love.
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You did specify that you'd like to make this purchase locally, but this is what etsy alchemy was made for! All of your specifics make for one super-easily knit sweater, so I bet you'll get some takers.
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Adding to boy detective's answer, etsy allows one to find sellers locally, and I bet you could specify in alchemy that you're looking for someone who lives near you.
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Thirding Etsy. There are a ton of ready-made or you can do a specific request via the alchemy.
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Irish and Scottish specialty shops are great for wonderful sweaters that you won't find in other clothing shops. Not familiar with specifics in NYC, but here's a directory listing of Scottish & Irish Goods.
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I'm kinda daunted by the etsy alchemy, as I don't really know exactly what I want, and don't want to have the wrong result from an artist/crafter person. There is not much sweaterwise on etsy now either.
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I would look in designer consignment and thrift stores; start with Ina on Prince St. and the Housing Works thrift store on 17th St.
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