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I am looking for suggestions from all you intelligent, practical women out there regarding good, solid, moderately not-ugly snow boots. I live in Colorado and last winter was a nasty one and the one before, even worse and I am hanging up my knee-high, heeled black leather boots in favor of something less life-threatening. I used to swear I would never wear Uggs, but they have some cute styles this year and if they, or anything else, work for you, please, share. Under $200 is where I'm at.

There is a similar question out there in Meta land, but it's from a couple of years ago. I have scoured Zappos and checked all the lines I am familiar with, Columbia, Sorel, Merrel, Ecco, Clarks. I am looking at practical (that is to say, lots of traction), comfortable (little to no heel), and mildly attractive. I'm trying to not be picky, but I am that kind of girl, and therefore picky when it comes to my shoes. I know I am not alone.
I really like these.
And these.
And these.

Any other suggestions or comments would be more than appreciated.
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Those Ecco boots rock. They look like motorcycle boots. I bought a pair of Sorel boots last year which are extremely warm and comfortable, so I can recommend them on that basis, but they don't compare with the Ecco ones for style.
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I have those exact Ecco boots. They are the best damn winter boots I've ever owned and kick some serious Canadian winter ass.
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I bought Sorels last year at Christmas time and I love them. Here in Southern New Hampshire, we got almost 10 feet of snow. My boots were awesome.

I am considering getting a winter boot for bad weather, but not necessarily for trecking through snow. I will be watching this post!
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You might want to check out Aquatalia or La Canadienne. I got through four Canadian winters with a pair of Aquatalias. I loved them.
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I have some ecco boots which are very similar to those (same sole shape and heel) although seude (less practical for the snow but water proof enough for the buckets of rain we get here) and they are so so comfortable. I normally wear orthotics and have sore feet pretty much always. My orthotics don't fit in the ecco boots but they still give me awesome support and my feet rarely hurt (and even then not much) when wearing them. They're like miracle boots. Plus they've had lots of compliments and mine aren't nearly as cute as the ones you linked.

I got mine half price on sale at the start of summer then stashed them until the next winter. Given how expensive Ecco's can be this is a tactic I highly recommend, and who cares if you're wearing last seasons style if they're really cute?
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Based on the styles you linked to, you might like a nice pair of women's motorcycle boots (more "euro style" than harley). I have ridden into November in Dainese boots and they've been warm and waterproof. They're meant to have good traction around oil and the like, but you'd have to try them out for ice. Here are a few styles of that brand and others.
- Dainese Dainesella D-Dry
- Alpinestars Stella Torre
- Teknic Defender

The only downside to MC boots is that they start out fairly stiff. If you're doing city walking that requires a lot of stepping precisely (poorly shoveled walks, for instance, that turn into single-track paths) they may take a while to feel broken in.

Living in New England and trying to be somewhat stylish, I've noticed that La Canadienne boots get lots of recommendations here and on other boards. No personal experience, though.
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Waterproof is one of the key things with good snow boots, and of the three you posted, only the Sorel boots make that claim. The Ecco boots say water-resistant, but if they have a normal zipper without an enclosed flap behind it, you can still end up with wet feet.
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I like these.
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These look good for Uggs, but I don't know how well they'll stand up to snow. You might like these Timberlands as well -- they're waterproof, too.
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these lands end boots are pretty inexpensive, as far as boots go, and they easily took on the Wisconsin winter
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I'm liking these Sorels, but will probably end up with a lower boot for ski trip packability.
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I have these. They're great. Very warm and totally waterproof.
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I have these and they have done very well in Buffalo and the Buffalo Southtowns (notoriously worse weather than the Metro Area). They are sort of knock-off Sorel-ish, but I have had nothing but great experiences with them.
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La Canadienne boots are fantastic. They're truly waterproof and really well-constructed. Plus, you can buy a wide size and wear socks underneath so you don't have to look like a yeti.
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Seconding your first choice. Sweet.

For economic reasons, lightness and practicality, I like the black Crocs boots. Georgie. Nadia.

Happy boots from endless.
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Hunter boots in one of their fabulous colors. These things will get you through anything and changed my relationship to bad weather. They paid for themselves in just one day last year when I stepped into one of New York's notorious February slushy pothole puddles. And yes, they don't mess around, but they're actually pretty cute. I wear them with fishnets, skinny jeans, everything. You'd be surprised.
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i'm not a woman, nor am i gay. sorel's look good on anybody and they'll definitely keep your feets warm and dry
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I'm having the same dilema and seriously considering these: Allrounder by Mephisto.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for your feedback! I love those Ecco boots, but it's the shoe-horse in me that likes them, they aren't so much with the practical. I was pointed towards Ulu boots, which are based on native footwear worn in arctic regions. This and this are the two top contenders, and they are on sale and they look seriously practical (waterproof, warm and check out the traction!) and I actually like the Nanuk of the North look.
I seriously love the La Candadienne line, but eck, those pricetags give me pause. From all the comments I've read about them, they are worth it, but...still. Too much for my pocketbook.

I'm still checking out all of your recommendations, keep 'em coming!
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La Canadienne, Sorel, Santana Canada (not Santana the guitarist, who also designs shoes), and Blondo boots are all as waterproof as advertised. I have an earlier version of these Santana boots and they've been great. I also have these Sorel boots but I pretty much only wear them for shoveling snow.
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Response by poster: Oh, and the Hunter boot idea did occur to me, I love those boots. Have you tried the sock insert that they make to fit their boots?
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I have these Sorrels, I love the houndstooth pattern plus they are warm and super waterproof.
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I'm a big fan of Keens. I haven't tried their boots, but these might be a good cross between style and winterness. They come in red, black and brown.
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Response by poster: Okay.
I think it's between these and these.

Thank you all for your input!
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You have excellent taste.
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Response by poster: I ordered the Ulu Suora from Sierra Trading Company. It was tough deciding between the Ulu and the Sorels, it was a coupon from Sierra Trading that clinched it: They don't carry that particular Sorel and the price difference was convincing. I'll let you all know how they work out.

Thanks again for all your recommendations!
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Response by poster: Well, it's been 6 weeks since I got them and I love them. They are almost too warm, but they are cute (in a Nanuk of the North kind of way), they are comfortable (can you say shearling insert?) and they are waterproof. No experience yet on ice or packed snow, but I have a feeling they'll kick-butt. I HIGHLY recommend them.
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