Name of movie where woman kisses cannibal
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WhatWasThatMovieFilter: Crash survivors wind up on a desert island. They fight. One of them fences off part of the island, then turns cannibal.

Eventually it's revealed that behind his fence, this guy has been chowing down on the other survivors. Movie ends with a woman kissing him, then looking over his shoulder and seeing human remains.

I saw this on TV about fifteen years ago. What the hell is the movie called?
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Possibly Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

Or one of the less-than-true-to-the-story versions of Island of Dr. Moreau?
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Response by poster: Don't think so. Google says the cannibals in MiDV were natives. This was Alive style canibalism done out of hunger, it wasn't a tribal thing.
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This movie sounds awesome. I can't wait to see the answer.
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Sounds like a better version of lost! I too; cant wait.
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Sorry to post a link... but might one of these titles sound similar?
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Coudn't see it here or on imdb using keywords, so it might be something quite obscure. Let's hope someone remembers, I'm pretty curious.
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Response by poster: Thanks Sir Stan, but nothing there looks like a contender.

Here are some further memories, but these are more nebulous and cannot be trusted.

I think it starred somebody who reminded me of - but was not - Jeff Goldblum.

The first half of the film was a sort of adult Lord of the Flies. The division between survivors being between Mr Ersatz Goldblum and SensibleRecedingHairlineGuy who tried to boss them about, organise lookouts, etc.

There was a BadlyWoundedGuy, possibly in a coma? Ersatz Goldblum suggests putting him out of his misery. SensibleRecedingHairlineGuy is horrified by the idea, believing there'll be a boat along any minute.

BlondeChick sides with Hairline and NotGoldblum starts to build his stake fence.

ComaGuy suspiciously goes missing.

Something happens. Maybe to do with the fresh water supply? Hairline goes in to talk to NotGoldblum. Doesn't come out.

After a while, NotGoldblum comes out to tell BlondeChick that there's a source of food within his fenced off area. She comes in, grabs some barbecue, kisses him, then sees RotisserieHairlineGuy over his shoulder. End of film.
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Now I want to know too. You're sure it wasn't an Outer Limits or Twilight Zone (newer series) episode? Though I did a quick search for those with no good results.
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This is frustrating. I'm quite sure I've seen this movie also. Your extra descriptions all ring bells for me. Time to exercise the GoogleFu a bit...
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My god, I want to know the answer so bad. And yet I can offer no help.
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Best answer: From a friend of mine

"I'm pretty certain, Self Catering, a made-for-TV UK feature. Further identifying marks: the characters, after the crash, call themselves after famous actors rather than use their real names. The end credits sequence has a moment where John Gordon Sinclair, as the now-cooked Henry, stands next to the model of his cooked body, takes a sliver of meat from it, and eats it. And it was also part of a series of Alan Bleasdale-written films, of which they showed one a week.

Oh, and it has Jane Horrocks (Bubbles from Ab Fab) and Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet from the awesome 90's miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice) in it.

I'm right about this, I can tell."
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Response by poster: Ooh! I think this is it!

The date and cast size fit and I've just found a clip on Youtube which rang some bells. I appear to have misremembered a few things (ComaGuy was a ComaGirl for one thing) but this sounds like the one.

And how cheesy-awesome is the dialogue in that clip, btw?

"There was a woman on the plane - a fat woman. She had a beautiful diamond ring. I went back on board the plane to have another look, just to have a look! But... not there anymore."

"The ring?"

"The woman."


Now I just have to try and find me a copy...
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