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What is the history of the ∗∗ operator, used for exponentiation?

The earliest use I can find is with FORTRAN. But I'm wondering, did the FORTRAN designers invent it, or was the operator already in use somewhere else?
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I'm pretty certain that was the first.

FORTRAN is really very early; there isn't a lot before that to borrow from.
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This 1956 manual is the earliest use of ** by fortran I can find documented. Pg. 15.
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Yeah, I read the 1956 manual already, but I didn't see anything about the history of ∗∗ in there.
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I have no proof of this, but...

They might have used ** because there were no other appropriate symbols and * at least suggested multiplication. This page gives a list of available punch card characters:


I don't know about you, but there aren't a whole lot of great choices there!
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Ohh... and to why the character set was so limited. The IBM 704 used 6-bit binary coded decimal. That gives you less than a quarter the number of characters 8-bit ASCII has available.
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The first programming I did was on punch cards.
FYI, ASCII is a 7-bit code, not 8-bit.
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