How can I install Final Cut Express plugins/effects?
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How can I install Final Cut Express plugins/effects?

I am using Final Cut Express HD 3.5.1. I downloaded some free plugins but I don't know how to install them. I haven't been able to find ANY information about this anywhere!

The closest I have come is reading that I should drag them into a plugins folder, something like Library>Application Support>Final Cut etc. However this folder doesn't even exist on my computer.

Where should I drag these plugins/effects?? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE (even if you tell me I'm clueless and it's not possible).
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Best answer: Im using Final Cut Express 4, and i've installed plugins in /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Express Support/Plugins (where "Macintosh HD" is the name of the hard drive installed in your machine). There is also a Library directory underneath your user account directory (/Users/username/Library/Application Support/...) in OS X- you wont find the FCE plugins directory there. You need to look in the system Library off of the root directory.

YMMV with 3.5, but thats what I have here.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much. I was totally looking in that second folder and not finding it. Feeling silly but grateful-- thanks again!
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