Make Your Own Fabric Refresher
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Is there a way to mix your own fabric refresher (like febreze, etc.)?

I like the stuff, but it's expensive. The active ingredient is some form of corn starch, which is readily available, does it require some complex process or is it just corn starch in a mix of water and alcohol.
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I think the corn starch would be for stiffening the material and making it iron out nicely. I don't think it has much scent-killing ability.
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Febreze is basically ring sugar molecules that surround smelly molecules and keep them from floating away, so you can't smell them. I don't think you can make it just by mixing corn starch into water.
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According to these kids, it's either water+vineagar or water+fabric softener.
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just so's you all know, mixing ammonia and bleach produces gases that will kill you by burning your lungs out. don't try this at home. or anywhere.
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Well, namespan's comment now makes no sense.
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I don't think you can make it just by mixing corn starch into water.

Yeah, wouldn't that mixture just provide food for bacteria, creating even more nasty smells?
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Pudding. And MetaTalk.
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Best answer: cheap vodka in water. in the nightclub/theatre circuit, people have been using it to get sweat and smoke smells out of clothes which are too delicate even for handwashing (or which take too long to dry) for years. i still use it instead of febreze because it doesn't smell like perfume (and no, it doesn't smell like vodka either, unless you don't dilute enough--don't add essential oils, however, as the oil will stain the fabric).
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