Take me out to the ball game, and no Miller Lite, please.
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Where in Baltimore can I relax, grab a decent beer and watch the World Series next month?

I'm not entirely sure if the city of Baltimore cares about baseball with the abysmal performance of the Orioles this season, but with a visiting baseball-obsessed boyfriend visiting, I'd like a pub/bar/tavern within Baltimore City with a decent vibe to grab a beer and watch a game or two of the series. Any suggestions?
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I'm sure that somewhere in Federal Hill or Canton, there will be some festive, crowded World Series-watching, and maybe someone can recommend something like that, if that's what you mean by "decent vibe."

Otherwise, the Midtown in Mount Vernon will very likely have the game on. The vibe there is relaxed, kind of divey. And for some reason, it is the only place I ever hear that 90s song "Little Black Backpack."
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I should say by "decent vibe," I mean..not a horrid sports bar.
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In that case, I stand by the Midtown, and you should probably avoid Federal Hill and Canton. (Also, Thursday night is karaoke night there, so I don't know if they would cancel it for the World Series.)

Mick O'Shea's may show the game, too, but the probably won't on weekend nights, and when it's crowded it can start to feel like a horrid sports bar. (Plenty of my non-sports-bar friends like it there, though, so it may just be me...)
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I'll put a good word in for my local: Ryan's Daughter in Belvedere Square (off of Northern Parkway near York Road).

They've got three bars, plenty of TVs, and usually 6-8 quality beers on tap. They'll definitely have the Series on.
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Dizzy Issie's is right nearby. Just redone and they added some nice flatscreens. They should be showing it.
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